Steps to Accepting Jesus

How do you accept God’s gift of salvation? It’s as simple as A-B-C-D.

ACKNOWLEDGE that your choice to live independent of God has corroded everything in your life and resulted in brokenness and separation from God.

BELIEVE that God loves you and sent his son Jesus into the world to pay the price for your sin in order to save and restore you.

CONFESS Jesus as the leader and forgiver of your life and surrender your will, asking Him to save and guide you.

DECIDE to live for Jesus, each and every day of your life. Depend on God to be there for you during life’s difficult moments. Declare to others that you have a new relationship with Jesus Christ and that your life has been changed as a result of accepting God’s gift of salvation.

Now that you’ve accepted God’s gift of salvation, connect with other followers of Jesus Christ by attending a Salvation Army Corps (or a local church that teaches from the Bible). This will grow your newfound faith and deepen your relationship with God. Learning from other people who have been following Jesus for many years (Christians) will equip you to live out your faith and share it with others. Whether you are a new Christian or have been following Jesus for a long time, you can always tell others what Jesus has done for you. Pray and encourage your family and friends to accept God’s gift of salvation for themselves. Be a good example to them by living as Jesus would want you to live.


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