Joy Spoken Word

It’s more than happiness

Surpassing many people’s understanding

I hold the key to joy

Joy is


When you hold a smile on your face through the toughest situation

Evident that God has done the work that exceeded expectation

So you can’t help but wear the fulfillment of sheer amazement

Continuous outpour from the Giver of good gifts

I feel as if I can take on anything and everything

Encourage someone to take heart with me

Even in the midst of their trial and tribulation

Joy is

What sets us apart

An everlasting satisfaction and victory through Jesus

In all of what was done with my broken pieces

So I can’t help but share

How can I ever make this my little secret

Have you seen all that I’ve been brought through, dragged through

The chains and stains that weighing me down in the journey of let downs and heartache

Tragedies-made hard days

And all

And I mean all that was stolen was returned to me by God’s grace

Joy is

Seeing what was done on that cross for you and me

The way He sacrificed Himself blamelessly

So if you really know Jesus

And you whole-heartedly believe

I take great joy in telling you this

That if you are looking for joy

You already hold the key

And so my joy is everlasting