Hope Spoken Word


at the end of your rope

Probably less

Your life on the string

Walk a fine line

Feeling like a life wire with no power source to plug into

And so you escape

So you try to

But the light at the end of the tunnel

Often seems like an oncoming train

So you were knocked down again and again





But still need to run although the ends in your face glaring

Strength exhausted

But still needing to run

To run from fear

To run from work

From lies

From hurt

From stress and bitterness




Your life on a string

YOLO, you only live once

For those not in the know

Does this mantra of life, simply gives license to the reckless

The careless, the purposeless, powerless, useless


Doesn’t need to be that way

You only live once can inspire

Make the most of each moment, each day, each hour, each minute,

Right down to the second


To pick up the pieces

To rise up

To keep going

To breathe life again

To be making a difference

To live and to hope

Up and down

Round and round

And back up again

YOLO becomes YoYo

I know what you might think

YoYo as an image for life is not at all helpful in the midst of my strife

Up and down

Round and round

And back up again

But think for a minute

Life is like that

Up and down like a rollercoaster

Round and round like a carousel

Sometime that’s fun

Sometimes that’s sick

But Hope

Is more than just wishful thinking

More than flailing arms while you are sinking

Hope is tethered to a hand that guides, protects

Helps rise

The waves of doubt, fear and shame

Holds our restrain and brings life again

Without Hope’s hand we fall flat

We’re down and out

that is that

But Hope gives strength

It pumps new life

It helps rebound

Hope picks us up


New light

Sets our feet on the ground


Resurrects what’s lay there dying

Exhausted by monotonous and cyclical trying

But if I say that hope is just well meaning

I gotta say that I’ll be the one lying

See, hope is not just wish you the best

Hope is found nothing less than Jesus’s own blood and righteousness

Hope is not a concept that we figure out

It’s not just antithesis of unending doubt

Hope is tied to the one hand that cares

That knows our needs and our burden shares

Hope holds us tight when life seems to spin out of control

Hope rebuilds

And hope frees our souls

The secret is that

Hope is no longer abstract

Hope is tied tightly to love’s greatest act

A hand that bled to bring you back

Back to life

Back to love

Back to God

Back to