Freedom Spoken Word

Even feel like your life is trapped in some kind of circus carnival sideshow

Juggling, contorting, delicate balance, the finesse of a freak show

Add another plate to a stick and hope it spins

Feverishly, rapidly, wildly, steadily, warily

All eyes are glued on spectacular feat just waiting for the crash

Add another plate and let it spin

Round and round, dizzying, topsy-turvy balance

Spinning faster

Another plate

Wait for the applause

Wait for the crash

Another plate, another stick, spinning, accelerate

Balance, more fragile, aim to please

Trapped in a never ending cycle

The slightest gust of wind can send this act to a free fall

Or it maybe just the thing that set this whole thing free

Spinning plate, off the stick, off the hook

Still whirling wildly

Now lift it with an unseen buoyancy

Going places, doing more, being more than you’d ever dreamed

Ever asked, ever imagined

An unseen power working beneath, above, around, within

Set free, carrying, sailing, roaring on the wings of the wind

Freedom, finally, ultimately, definitively, decisively

Like a get-out-of-the-Jail free card in Monopoly

Someone else is behind this

Impossible on your own, and Him

Possible with God, Spirit, Wind

Like a hand that snatch you from spiraling from out of control

Only to release you again

With purpose, direction and spirit

Like a Frisbee gliding on the new currents of air

Lifted, dipping, turning, spinning, free-wheeling

Unstuck, yet secure

Release yet at home

Unfettered yet steadfast

The secret is out

This is how it is

Hearing the wind launched onto a Great Unknown

Now Unknown giving breath, giving life

Satisfying every true need unbound by one

Accelerated with enthusiasm and Theos

And God

In Him we live and move and have our being

Bringing you back

Back to surety

Back to stability

Back to deliverance

Back to God

Back to freedom